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  • What is AAU basketball?
    AAU officially stands for the Amateur Athletic Union and is one of the largest sports organizations in the United States. There are no developmental limitations placed on the game. This promotes competitive play and the broadest exposure to fundamentals and advancing techniques of the game. AAU is split into districts throughout the country. We are part of the Potomac Valley district (PVAAU). Potomac Valley district covers all territory within the District of Columbia, counties of Montgomery and Prince Georges in the State of Maryland, and counties of Arlington and Fairfax and cities of Alexandria and Falls Church in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As a member of AAU, all of our coaches, staff, and players are required to be members as well. This membership is covered in your fee.
  • What level of commitment is required?
    While we understand and support multiple sports in youth athletics, the ability for each player and parent to commit to getting players to practices, as well as the games scheduled during the season is key to the organizations’ goals as well as showing unified commitment to the coaches and all players on the team. Please see the practice, schedule, and travel related questions below for more information.
  • Is equal playing time guaranteed?
    Playing time overall is determined by the coach (not guaranteed) to meet the needs of the team in specific games. It is the coach’s decision to put the best players in the game as the situation demands. To remain competitive, players must meet the expectation of the coach relating to individual skills, mental preparedness, coachability (attitude, effort, willingness to learn), and physical conditioning for the rigor of games and practices. Players and parents must respect the coach’s decision and responsibility to the overall team and organization.
  • What does it cost to play with CCT?
    Costs to play on a CCT team are calculated and determined before each season. Total fees are based on the type and number of tournaments played, uniforms, facility rentals, coach compensation (licensing, certifications, continuing education, etc.), equipment needed, administrative/operational costs, and more. Actual total cost will vary by season, age, and teams level of competitiveness and will be detailed in team invitation after tryouts. A minimum initial registration fee of $250 is due upon acceptance of team invitations. The initial registration fee is immediately applied to insurance, facility rentals, AAU memberships, and operations. The remaining season fee will be due with 7-10 days after acceptance and can be paid in full or installments. Installments will require a credit card to be kept on file and authorization for automatic scheduled payments. Discounts are offered for those with multiple children in the organization. Please see financial aid section for more information about assistance.
  • What is your refund policy?
    There are no refunds of fees for any reason once a player accepts a spot on a team and makes a payment. All fees paid to CCT are non-refundable because we pay for services in advance for the month, season, or year to secure rates. At the Directors’ sole discretion, a prorated refund may be granted under very extenuating circumstances. If granted, pro-rated refunds will be processed manually within 30 days. Electronic refunds or credits are not available.
  • Do you offer financial aid?
    Yes. We are committed to eliminating financial barriers by providing full or partial scholarships for all players that qualify. Parents must apply for a scholarship. If approved, the parent will be advised what contribution is needed to participate on the team, and the program’s scholarship fund will cover the remainder of the costs. These funds are limited. Therefore, several fundraising opportunities will be offered throughout the year to help us raise money for scholarships. At times, there may be options for individual player fundraising available as well.
  • Where are practices held?
    CCT utilizes gym facilities in the DMV surrounding areas, primarily Fairfax County schools and other private locations. It is not always possible to practice on the same days/time at the same location. Practice times are scheduled based upon availability of gyms and coaches, as well as determined by number of teams and level of competition for each season. Gym availability is one of our biggest challenges, so if you have access to a gym or know someone that can help us secure additional gym space, please let us know!
  • What is a typical season schedule?
    Players should expect 1-3 practices per week as well as 1-4 games on weekends. Practice times are scheduled based upon availability of gyms and coaches, as well as determined by number of teams and level of competition for each season. Spring season, the AAU main season, runs from March through June. Nationals and other summer showcase events take place in July but are not guaranteed for every team. Teams will generally play anywhere from 8-12 tournaments during this time. Some teams may remain together (or hold additional tryouts) and play in additional tournaments for Summer (July-August), Fall (September-November), and Winter (December-February). Each of these seasons have additional costs.
  • How much traveling should I expect?
    Games in the fall, winter, and summer seasons are typically held within the DMV surrounding areas. Spring season games are played locally, regionally, and nationally. Amount of travel depends on age and competitive level of the team. Older and more competitive teams will travel more often. Exact locations will be announced after teams are formed. Please note, any game location and time may change. Circuits and National Tournaments require additional travel associated costs.
  • Can my child play up?
    Typically, no. Having a player play up on an older team is a coach's decision. Numerous factors are considered prior to inviting a player to play up. At no time, will we place a player on an older team at the sole request of a parent.
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