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CCT Academics

Be more than your sport!

We encourage our athletes to think about, plan, and prepare for life outside of basketball. We provide personalized resources for academic support, educational guidance, NCAA guidance and college readiness preparation to student-athletes

It is easier to KEEP your grades up than it is to bring them up!

Emphazing the "STUDENT" in Student-Athlete 

Designated education days will be set by Coaches and Directors throughout each season. Education days give us the opportunity to aid our players in developing strong study habits, setting goals, and assisting with courses and assignments as well as check grades, progress reports, and report cards.   

Beginning in the summer before entering 9th grade, each grade will meet with our NCAA Eligibility specialist to discuss an action plan for that year as well as ensure each student-athlete is, and will remain, on course. Our specialist will also meet with Middle School teams periodically. 

Each High School athlete will be given a referral to our SAT/ACT Prep Instructor for optional tutoring sessions before taking the exams for the first time or for tutoring to increase their previous score. Please note, this service is not included financially but CCT members receive special rates.  


We aim to enhance recruiting exposure and maximum opportunities to qualify for scholarships and financial aid. 

At the conclusion of the Spring Season, we hold a year-end banquet where we acknowledge and celebrate the athletes' achievements. Our academically dedicated athletes (Honor and High Honor Roll) are notably recognized.

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