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Community Service

Be more than your sport

Community service starts within the organization and continues into the communities where our athletes live and play.

"The greatest part about being human is that we can consciously help others"


We strongly believe community service helps our athletes gain a better understanding of the impact they can have on the world, develop empathy, and strengthen relationships with each other and their communities. The reality is that competitive sports remain financially out of reach for many qualified and deserving youth athletes to participate. Through participation in helping raise funds for themselves or their fellow teammates, our athletes are exposed to the reality of income disparities- an important life lesson. Throughout the year, we have various fundraising opportunities that help raise money for player scholarships or help with operational costs. 


We further expand their understanding by continuing the trend into their own communities. Athletes will have the opportunity to work together as a team completing activities such as helping with food and toy drives, assisting local shelters, and community clean-ups. 

We are also more than happy to help our high school athletes with completing any school-required service hours, topics for senior projects, and more.

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